25Ltr Polygard Screenwash

25Ltr Polygard Screenwash

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Arctic Screen Wash - Concentrated (-20oC) - 25 Litre

Whether its the middle of summer and your screen is plagued by insects and traffic film or its the height of winter and the roads are covered in grit and dirt that is thrown up by other cars, you will need a reliable screen wash to give you a clear view of the road ahead.

Polygard Concentrated Screen Wash - 25 Litre Artic formula screen wash is a highly concentrated glass cleaner that de-ices and protects in extreme weather conditions, down to -20


Summer use

  • 1 part screenwash to 15 parts water

Winter use

  • -5°C = 1 part screenwash to 5 parts water
  • -10°C = 1 part screenwash to 1 part water 
  • -20°C = UNDILUTED