Climate Positive

Climate Positive Workforce

Climate Positive Workforce

Together with our partner Ecologi, we're on a mission to ensure we have a positive impact on the climate. To do this we fund a number of carbon offsetting projects every month - enough to offset the emissions of our business and workforce. In fact, we don't just offset our workforce's emissions when they're at work, we also cover their private lives so every individual is fully climate positive! In addition to offsetting carbon, we also fund the planting of trees each month (almost 1,800 tree's every single month) which in time will grow to have even more of a positive effect on the environment.

In order to determine the minimum we should aim to offset each month, we audited the carbon cost of each company that makes up Motus Vehicle Solutions, including – but not limited to – energy usage and the production/transportation of resources like the steel we use in builds. Once we had that figure, our management teams committed to offsetting a greater amount to ensure we could have a positive impact.

So far, we’ve planted over 12,000 trees and offset 920 tonnes of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to about 707 long-haul flights!

You can see our impact on the Ecologi website here.
Or why not sign up your own business/household to become climate positive here.