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scania starter motor


Electrical OEM

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 <h2>scania starter motor</h2>

Product Information

scania starter motor Rated Voltage [V]: 24; Rated Power [kW]: 5,5; Number of mounting bores: 3; Number of Thread Bores: 0; Number of Teeth: 12; Clamp: 30,50; Flange Ø [mm]: 92; Rotation Direction: Clockwise rotation; Pinion Rest Position [mm]: 48,2; Starter Type: Floating pinion; Bore Ø [mm]: 13.5; Bore Ø 2 [mm]: 13.5; Bore Ø 3 [mm]: 13.5; Length [mm]: 325; Position / Degree: links; Connecting Angle [Degree]: 65; Fastening hole angle measurement [Degree]: 65 2031368 scania part number. THIS IS A BRAND NEW UNIT WITH NO SURCHARGE


  • Scania 4 Series


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